Kang Ji-Young from ex-KARA Looks Different!

Jul 4, 2017

Kang Ji-Young from ex-KARA Looks Different!
After Korean girl group KARA was disbanded, one of ex-KARA's members named Kang Ji-Young started to work in Japan.
Recently, Kang Ji-Young posted multiple pictures of herself on her SNS, which is becoming a hot issue.
강지영 사진In the past before she left KARA, her had cute baby cheek fat which was adored her fans, however her recent pictures revealed that now Kang Ji-Young has lost all of her cheek fat and looked more mature.

#JY #Manyfaces2017 #20170521 마지막ㅋ_ㅋ 最後はジヨ子??

JIYOUNG??JY(@kkangjji_)님의 공유 게시물님,

Netizens who saw her recent pictures commented "She looks so pretty", "She is getting prettier each day".

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