A Man Behind Apink’s Death Threat Shares His Feelings with 'Han Bam' Staff

Jul 3, 2017

A Man Behind Apink’s Death Threat Shares His Feelings with 'Han Bam' Staff
A man who allegedly made death threats against Apink has called and shared his feelings about the recent incident with a staff of SBS Night TV Entertainment Program called "Han Bam".
On June 15th, SBS "Han Bam" released the phone call recording with the man who allegedly made death threats to Apink. 
According to a staff of SBS 'Han Bam' Program, the man directly contacted them and revealed that he is a huge fan of Apink.

The man said, "At first APink seemed to pursue pure and innocent image, but eversince they were on the show called 'We Got Married', they don’t look innocent at all."
He continued, "When they come on the show, they hold hands and kiss with their male partners which makes me angry."  

The man also claimed that "I don’t understand why media portray me as a person who made death threats to Apink, because that's not true."
Then, "Han Bam" staff asked the man, "Did you know that Apink is suffering because of you? How do you feel about that?"
The man replied, "They are not suffering at all, they are famous girl group which probably makes a lot of money as usual, and they are probably busy dating their boyfriends right now."
The man continued, "I am the victim of this incident,not Apink, because recently, I can’t eat or sleep. I have panic disorder."

Following the media's report, on June 14th a man called the police saying that, "Apink’s agency accused him of making malicious threats and comments about Apink".

On June 20th, A Pink’s agency--Planaent announced that it has stepped up on security and taken necessary protocols to ensure the girls’ safety and protection.

(SBS Star)