Girls' Generation is Making a Comeback in August!

Jul 4, 2017

Girls' Generation is Making a Comeback in August!
The Girls' Generation is making a comeback in August. This year marks its 10th year since they’ve debuted.
Following in August, the Girls' Generation will release its official 6th album. It’s been nearly two years since the group released its last album. 소녀시대 페이스북에서 가져온 사진Since each members has been busy with her own schedule such as acting and solo albums, the group’s last comeback was in 2015 with the studio album called 'Lion Heart'.
Also, the group will hold its 10th year anniversary fan meeting event 'GIRLS' GENERATION 10th Anniversary – Holiday to Remember' on August 5th 7:00 P.M. KST at Seoul Olympic Stadium Hall.
At its fan meeting event, the Girl’s Generation members will perform and play to their hit songs and have time to reminisce.

(Credit = 'Girls' Generation' Facebook)
(SBS Star)