Kim Hee-Chul and Seolhyun Spotted Together!

Jul 4, 2017

Kim Hee-Chul and Seolhyun Spotted Together!
Korean popular group Super Junior's Kim Hee-Chul and AOA's Seolhyun were spotted together.

On July 3rd, Kim Hee-Chul uploaded a picture of him with Seolhyun saying, "(To the fans) Because your love, I was able to film this advertisement." 

In the picture, Hee-Chul and Seolhyun were wearing the same shirt―like couples.
[SBS Star] Kim Hee-Chul and Sul Hyun Spotted Together!Both having fair skin and big eyes were showing off their cute looks on social media. 

According to its staff members, they recently filmed TV advertisement together and brought sibling-like atmosphere to the studio. 
김희철과 설현의 사진 They were known to have very close relationship even before this advertisement filming.

They often travel together and visit each others' concerts to give support for each other. 

(Credit = 'kimheenim' Instagram)     

(SBS Star)