Song's Marriage = Merging of Two Midsize Companies?

Jul 7, 2017

Song's Marriage = Merging of Two Midsize Companies?
As Korean top stars Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo announced their wedding, now the attention is shifting toward their expected combined wealth after marriage.
In the beginning of this year, actor Song bought a house in Yongsan-gu which is worth 10 billion won (about 8.9 million dollar). But he also owns a villa in Seocho-gu which has a value of 2.5 billion won (about 2.1 million dollar).
[SBS Star] Song's Marriage is Like Merger of Two Midsize Companies?Also Actor Song filmed about thirty commercials in total by going back and forth two countries: Korea and China. From filming thirty advertisements, it is estimated that his earnings will be around 40 billion won (347 million dollar) from it.

But even if he spent his earnings to buy properties and shared profit with his management agency, it is expected that he will still have property worth millions of dollar. 

Not only is he wealthy, but also his spouse Song Hye-kyo who debuted in 1996, owns a lot of properties. According to media's reports, actress Song owns properties which worth millions of dollars.
[SBS Star] Song's Marriage is Like Merger of Two Midsize Companies?It was reported that she bought properties in Samseong-dong three times already, and in 2008 she bought a condominium in New York.
Her Samseong-dong property is estimated to be about 20 billion won (173 million dollar), and her condominium in New York is worth about 3.2 billion won (2.8 million dollar).
So after their marriage, it is expected that they will have around 100 billion won (867 million dollar) worth of property. 

People who are familiar with 'Song-Song' couple's net worth commented "It's like merging of two midsize companies".  

(Credit= 'Blossom Entertainment' Official Website)

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