Former EXO Member Kris on Chinese Version of 'Show Me the Money'?

Jul 17, 2017

Former EXO Member Kris on Chinese Version of 'Show Me the Money'?
Former EXO member Kris Wu has spotted on a Chinese TV program 'The Rap of China'.

This is a hip-hop audition program where rappers compete their rapping skills in front of audiences.

In the show, both rookie and experienced rappers go through missions and challenges until only one rapper remains―while they get judged by both mentors and the audiences.KrisIn 'The Rap of China', there are four celebrity producers who judge the contestants.

What mostly grabbed people's attention was that a former member of Korean boy group EXO―Kris Wu showed up as a producer and judging the contestants' rapping.

KrisIn the show, Kris's popular phrase "Can you freestyle?" also became an instant buzzword on the Chinese internet.

Whenever Kris judges the contestants, he always asked one thing: "Can you freestyle?" and this catchphrase quickly spread by Chinese netizens.

Meanwhile, 'The Rap of China' is facing a plagiarism suspicion against Korean popular survival hip-hop reality show called 'Show Me the Money'―which started from 2012 and still ongoing as a series.

Both shows' program format, style and even logos are almost the same.

Since Kris is one of the ex-members of EXO and the show is getting plagiarism suspicion, Kris and 'The Rap of China' are getting huge attention from both China and Korea.

(Credit= 'The Rap of China' Official Website)

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