Hong Soo-ah Rescues an Abandoned Dog 'Pooh'

Jul 21, 2017

Hong Soo-ah Rescues an Abandoned Dog 'Pooh'
Korean actress and known to-be a pet lover Hong Soo-ah saved an abandoned dog which was on the verge of administering euthanasia. 

Recently, actress Hong saved an abandoned poodle named 'Pooh' which wasn't able to move as it had bone dislocation. 

But she saved Pooh by taking her out of the euthanasia process and financially supporting Pooh with bone dislocation surgery―so that Pooh can be adopted to a loving family. 
[SBS Star] Hong Soo-Ah Rescues Abandoned Dog 'Pooh'After the surgery, Pooh is living with a loving family and living healthier, happier life.  

The rescue video showing actress Hong holding Pooh tightly right before its surgery is bringing people's attention.

(Credit = SBS funE)

(SBS Star)