Wanna One Releases 'Burn It Up' and 'Energetic' Teaser Video

Jul 28, 2017

Wanna One Releases 'Burn It Up' and 'Energetic' Teaser Video
Wanna OneMuch-anticipated rookie boy group Wanna One just released a teaser video for its upcoming debut.

On July 28th, a music video teaser for Wanna One's first mini album '1X1(TO BE ONE)' was posted on M.net's official YouTube channel.
Previously, Wanna One fans known as 'Wannable' were able to vote for Wanna One's debut title track.

'Burn It Up' and 'Energetic' are two title track nominees, and they showed completely different concept.
Wanna OneIn the teaser video, 'Burn It Up' music video shows fierce, black and white concept while 'Energetic' shows more colorful, vibrant image of the members.

Wanna One is scheduled to make its debut by 'Wanna One's Premiere Show-con' on August 7th.
Wanna OneStay tuned for more details on Wanna One's debut!

(Credit= 'Mnet Official' Youtube)

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