EXO CHANYEOL, the Next 'Deadpool'?

Aug 2, 2017

EXO CHANYEOL, the Next 'Deadpool'?
K-pop boy group EXO's member CHANYEOL dressed-up as a cartoon character.

On July 31st, CHANYEOL posted pictures under the title of '2016 Halloween' on his Instagram. [SBS Star] EXO CHANYEOL, the Next 'Deadpool'?In the picture CHANYEOL was wearing a Deadpool costume for the last year's Halloween and was posing like the actual Marvel character in the movies. 

His 'new looks' fitted him so well that people were shocked by the pictures.
[SBS Star] EXO CHANYEOL, the Next 'Deadpool'?CHANYEOL even made a pose like the actual Deadpool character in the movies in last year's Halloween.
[SBS Star] EXO CHANYEOL, the Next 'Deadpool'?EXO's fans commented on the picture, "How come I didn't recognize him", "He should be casted for the next Deadpool". 

Meanwhile, EXO is getting popularity with its latest song 'Ko Ko Bap'.

(Credit = 'real__pcy' Instagram)

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