Wanna One Reveals Its Debut Title Track 'Energetic'

Aug 4, 2017

Wanna One Reveals Its Debut Title Track 'Energetic'
K-pop rookie boy group Wanna One revealed their debut title track, 'Energetic'.

On August 3rd, at the end of the first episode of Wanna One's reality show 'Wanna One Go', the title track was announced.

Wanna One fans―known as 'Wannables' got the chance to vote for the group's title track between two songs 'Burn It Up' and 'Energetic'.
Wanna One Energetic'Energetic' took 2,227,041 votes out of 2,692,776.
Wanna One EnergeticThe song is co-composed by Flow Blow and PENTAGON's Hui, who also composed Produce 101 Season 2's hit song 'Never'.
Wanna One EnergeticMeanwhile, Wanna One is set to make its debut stage on August 7th, by the showcase 'Wanna One Premier Show-Con'.
Wanna One EnergeticCheck out Wanna One's 'Energetic' Music Video teaser above!

(Credit= 'Mnetofficial' YouTube)

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