Concert King PSY Reveals "Glorious scar"

Aug 14, 2017

Concert King PSY Reveals "Glorious scar"
World star PSY shared that he suffered from aftermath of his summer concert, 'SUMMER SWAG'.

On August 13, PSY wrote on his Instagram "I suffer from fatal dehydration during the concert.

About two and a half hours after the concert begins, my right calf cramps. After it comes, I can't even run, or stand straight. So when I see the sign of symptoms, I have to go to the backstage and get the medical treatment."

Psy continued, "Then with a needle, I have to poke at the spot where blood circulation stopped and get rid of old blood.

At first it did hurt, but now it's just part of my concert.

But after I get the medical treatment, I can perform for another three hours straight.

What do I call this? I call it a 'glorious scar'." 
PSY also posted a picture of his bruised legs along with a note. 

Meanwhile, tireless PSY is currently on '2017 World Tour'.

(Credit = SBS funE, '42psy42' Instagram)  

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