MAMAMOO Bodyguard's Unexpected 'Umbrella' Manner

Aug 16, 2017

MAMAMOO Bodyguard's Unexpected 'Umbrella' Manner
K-pop girl group MAMAMOO Hwasa's body guard's warm manner is getting fans' attention.

On August 12, there was a post under the title of 'Bodyguard's commendable manner' at an online community.

In the post, there was a video of Hwasa's bodyguard trying to protect Hwasa with an umbrella.

When Hwasa started to walk toward her fans, the bodyguard, who was waiting at the stairs with an umbrella, suddenly opened up his umbrella sideways to protect Hwasa. 

As Hwasa was wearing a short pants and had to go up the stairs, considerate bodyguard opened the umbrella so that she can go up the stairs freely. 

Her bodyguard's unexpected manner has gone viral online. 

Netizens complimented bodyguard's warm manner, "The fact that her bodyguard open up the umbrella as if it's nothing is so moving", "I like Hwasa and her warm bodyguards", " I hope her stylist doesn't make her wear short pants". 

Meanwhile, MAMAMOO has successfully released its 5th mini album 'Purple' and is expected to hold its first showcase in Taiwan in October. 

(Credit = 'hwasa_vine' Twitter)

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