Seungri Deletes Picture After Embroiled in Controversy

Aug 17, 2017

Seungri Deletes Picture After Embroiled in Controversy
K-pop boy group BIGBANG's Seungri is being criticized for his social media post he made on National Liberation Day of Korea.

On August 15, Seungri uploaded a picture of himself on Instagram while he was visiting Malaysia. 

Seungri was looking at the camera and smiling at it. 

[SBS Star] Seungri Deletes Selfie After Embroiled in ControversyBut there was an ambiguous object right next to him which drew his fans' attention. 

At a glance, the object looked like a red flag, known as the 'Rising Sun flag'―which symbolizes Japanese imperialism. 

His fans asked him to take down the picture and warned him to be careful of what he posts, given the occasion.

However, many believed it to be simply a sticker that is attached to Malaysian reporter's camera, which Seungri happened to pass by. 

(Credit = 'seungriseyo' Instagram)   

(SBS Star)