Lee Jong-suk Direct Messages His Fan through SNS

Aug 22, 2017

Lee Jong-suk Direct Messages His Fan through SNS
Korean actor Lee Jong-suk shared a time when he sent direct message to his fan. 

On August 21, Lee Jong-suk explained his unique experience with his fan.

He revealed he had replied to one of his fans' direct message. His fan asked him, "I'm a teenager, but I really want to watch your movie. Can I watch your movie?" 

Although Lee Jong-suk tend to never checks or replies to direct messages, he said he had to reply to that message as it was shocking.

Then he replied, "Thank you for supporting me. But please watch it when you are an adult". 

According to actor Lee, his recent movie 'V.I.P.' contains various gruesome crime scenes, thus the movie itself is rated-R. 

Lee Jong-suk explained, "Since I have some young fans, I was afraid that they will get shocked by some scenes in the movie. So I had to reply to it right away." 

As he is known to have caring and loving personality, Lee Jong-suk has a huge fan base, both domestically and internationally. 
[SBS Star] Lee Jong-suk Direct Messages His Fan through SNSMeanwhile the movie 'V.I.P' depicts the story of North Korean official's son, who becomes a prime suspect of a serial murder case. Thus, South Korea's special investigation unit, North Korea's secret agency, CIA and as well as NIS work together to catch him. 

Lee Jong-suk plays the role of the official's son Kwang II, and will transform into a villain later in the movie. It is his first time playing as a villain.The movie is scheduled to be released on August 24.

(Credit = YG Entertainment/SBS funE, 'jongsuk0206' Instagram)

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