Actor Lee Je-hoon, a Language Perfectionist?

Aug 23, 2017

Actor Lee Je-hoon, a Language Perfectionist?
Did you know that Korean actor Lee Je-hoon is trilingual? 

On August 22, Lee Je-hoon and senior actress Na Moon-hee had an interview with SBS 'Han Bam'.

During the interview, interviewee asked Na Moon-hee about Lee Je-hoon's first impression.

She answered, "He looked like a perfectionist."

There was a reason behind her answer. Actor Lee Je-hoon successfully portrayed his character in both previous movie 'Anarchist from Colony' and his upcoming movie 'I Can Speak'. 

In the movie 'Anarchist from Colony', Lee Je-hoon plays a role of Korean independence activist in Colonial era who can speak both Korean and Japanese. 

Also in his recent movie, which is expected to be released next month―'I Can Speak', actor Lee speaks English fluently as if he is a native speaker. 

According to his interview with 'Han Bam', he practiced speaking English like a native speaker as his role is a public servant who is portrayed as a perfectionist in the movie. 

Moreover, Lee Je-hoon reveals that he had more difficult time speaking Japanese than English, as he knew some English words before.

(Credit = SBS HanBam)

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