Park Yu-chun Spotted with a Mysterious 'Girl Face' Tattoo

Aug 25, 2017

Park Yu-chun Spotted with a Mysterious 'Girl Face' Tattoo
[SBS Star] Park Yoo-chun's New Tatoo, Inappropriate Action?K-pop boy group JYJ Park Yu-chun's tattoo on his left arm has grabbing many people's attention. 

Recently, Park Yu-chun,who is serving as a social service agent, has spotted to have a new tattoo on his left arm. 

He was spotted to have a tattoo that he didn't have when media spotted him in last May. His tattoo looked like a woman's face, who has a long hair. His fans were curious to know the meaning behind his tattoo as well. 

How will public perceive his new tattoo?

There are some controversies going on over his new tattoo. Some argued, "An agent serving at a public institution can give a feeling of discomfort to a civil petitioner." 

As there is a social service personnel service management regulation of keeping up a certain standard of appearance, some criticized Park Yoo-chun's new tattoo as an inappropriate action. 

Meanwhile, Park Yu-chun is expected to be discharged from his military service and will hold an interview session with media. He is expected to share his thoughts and opinions to his fans. What he is going to share is grabbing people's attention. 

In 2015, Park Yu-chun enlisted as a public service worker in a Gangnam district office, substituting the military service system for those not fit for action.

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