Kim So Hyun to Leave sidus HQ After Seven Years

Aug 31, 2017

Kim So Hyun to Leave sidus HQ After Seven Years
Korean actress Kim So Hyun is leaving her management agency―sidus HQ, after working with them for seven years.

On August 31, sidus HQ made an announcement, "Our company and the actress have talked for a long time and have decided to end our contract. We have decided to respect Kim So Hyun's opinion. We hope she grows up as a beautiful actress. We will cheer for her future." 

It also gave thanks for her fans, "We also give thanks for the fans who gave love toward her. We hope you keep supporting the actress." 
[SBS Star] Kim So Hyun to Leave sidus HQ After Seven YearsKim So Hyun made a debut as a child actress and successfully grew up to be an adult actress. 

She is currently eighteen years old and made a debut in a drama called 'Home of Legendary' in 2008 when she was only a first grader in elementary school. 

She also made an announcement that upon graduating middle school, she won't be attending high school so that she can only focus on her acting career and prepare for university qualification exam.

It was reported that recently she has passed the qualification examination for college entrance and is planning on declaring major in acting in college.

Meanwhile, many are assuming that she will run one man agency, however she refuted that's not true. She is currently pending on which management agency to go to and will announce when she decides one. 

(Credit = 'sidus HQ' Official Website, 'wow_kimsohyun' Instagram)

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