VIDEO: Running Man Members Dance to SUNMI's 'Gashina'

Sep 11, 2017

VIDEO: Running Man Members Dance to SUNMI's 'Gashina'
K-pop girl artist SUNMI made an appearance on SBS 'Running Man'.

On September 10, when SUNMI was coming out from the backstage, her recent hit song 'Gashina' was played. 

After her song was played, members of 'Running Man' shouted "Is it SUNMI? No way!". Then SUNMI came out of the curtain and showed her 'shotgun' dance moves.

Kwang-soo who was staring the SUNMI spoke out, "I love her music video, it is fantastic. I watched it last night and fell asleep." 

He then imitated SUNMI's 'shotgun' moves from her music video. 

Members and staffs from 'Running Man' took turns and performed to her song 'Gashina'.

Check out 'Running Man' members welcome dance for SUNMI here! 

(Credit = SBS Running Man)

(SBS Star)