Lee Jong-suk to Hold a Fan Meeting with 3,000 Fans!

Sep 11, 2017

Lee Jong-suk to Hold a Fan Meeting with 3,000 Fans!
[SBS Star] Lee Jong-suk to hold a Fan Meeting with 3,000 Fans!Korean actor Lee Jong-suk held a fan meeting with his 3,000 fans yesterday. 

On September 10, Lee Jong Suk held a successful fan meeting called 'LEE JONG SUK PRIVATE STAGE DREAMLIKE in SEOUL'.

At his fan meeting, actor Lee has shown previously unseen charms. To entertain fans, he shared childhood photos, and sang a ballad song. In the second half of his stage, actor Lee even performed to PSY's 'New Face' and his fans cheered for him enthusiastically.

When actor Lee said, "I'm very embarrassed" after his dance performance was over, his fans shouted "Encore" repeatedly and supported him. 

Lee Jong-suk also proved his strong friendship with fellow actors. While Lee Jong-suk was talking about his new movie 'V.I.P' on the stage, actor Yun Kyun Sang made a surprise visit. 

Actor Lee was shocked at Yun's sudden visit as actor Yun told him earlier that he cannot visit him due to busy schedule. Actor Yun said, "I came here to receive perfect attendance award. This is my second year visiting."

In the end of the fan meeting, Lee Jong-suk revealed, "I think my puberty hit me late. I fell in a slump before shooting for the movie 'V.I.P'. Through senior actors I'm recovering from a slump. Like today, meeting my fans like this gives me strength to get through another year. Thank you always and love you all." 

Lee Jong-suk's 'PRIVATE STAGE' is set to be held in China, Japan, Russia, Malaysia, and Indonesia for his global fans. 

Meanwhile, Lee Jong-suk is expected to make a comeback with his upcoming SBS drama 'While You Were Sleeping' which actor and singer Bae Suzy will co-star in. 

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