IU to Present Blonde Hairstyle for the First Time!

Sep 11, 2017

IU to Present Blonde Hairstyle for the First Time!
K-pop singer-songwriter IU presented her first-ever bold hairstyle after her debut!

On September 9, IU made an appearance at '2017 POSCO Concert' and performed amazing live stage as always.
▲ IU's 'Good Day'

IU surprised the audience with her new hairstyle, which was pure golden blonde like a barbie doll.

During the concert, IU shared the story behind her new hairstyle.

She said, "This has been the brightest hair color since my debut. For your information, I dyed my hair for a photo shoot."

She continued, "Since it's bad for my hair (to dye it multiple times in a row), it will take some time to dye it back to a darker shade."
▲ IU's 'Night Letter'

Meanwhile, IU is set to make her comeback in the middle of this month, holding a fan meeting to reveal her new tracks for the first time.

Let's take a look at blondie IU's performance above!

(Credit= 'Crux' YouTube)

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