"Thank you IU" Sulli and Somi to Play Around with Slime!

Sep 14, 2017

"Thank you IU" Sulli and Somi to Play Around with Slime!
Do you remember K-pop artist IU's cute obsession with slime? 

Well now, many Korean artists are also jumped on the bandwagon! Former singer and actress Sulli and I.O.I's Somi are seen with the monstrous substance. 

On September 12, Sulli posted a clip of white slime and said, "I bought IU's slime, but how come mine doesn't work like hers? What is the problem?"
In the released video, Sulli was playing around with the substance. She pinches, touches, massages the substance. 

아이유 슬라임을 샀는데 왜 아이유처럼 되지 않는 것인가....징짱 뭐가문제죠

설리가진리(@jelly_jilli)님의 공유 게시물님,

However, unlike IU's, Sulli's slime was rather sticky, and falling apart easily. 

I.O.I's Somi was also seen playing around with her colorful slime.

She wrote, "Thank you for introducing the slime to us IU!" 

Previously, IU has posted a video of playing around with her homemade slime on her Instagram.
[SBS Star] Sulli and IOI's Somi to Play Around with Monstrous Substance!According to a news source, this monstrous substance is called slime―a mixture of rubber clay, liquid glue and soda―and it has been gaining popularity in Korea.

(Credit = 'jelly_jilli', 'somsomi0309', 'dlwlrma' Instagram)

(SBS Star)