Koo Hye Sun Directs Her New Film 'MYSTERY PINK'

Sep 15, 2017

Koo Hye Sun Directs Her New Film 'MYSTERY PINK'
[SBS Star] Koo Hye Sun to Comeback as a Film Producer of 'MYSTERY PINK'Korean actress Koo Hye Sun is spotted to work as a film director!

On September 15, YG Entertainment released pictures of actress Koo Hye Sun, who is reportedly taking a break from shooting due to health reasons.

In the set of released pictures, Koo was wearing a denim jacket and a hat. She was seen directing stars for her movie. A source revealed that instead of Koo Hye Sun taking part and monitoring as an actress, she worked as a film producer on set. 

She also finished shooting for her ten-minute short film 'MYSTERY PINK' in one day at a botanical garden in Gyeonggi Province. 

'MYSTERY PINK' is consisted of diverse genres―'destructive mystery' and 'it's your self-portrait' theme, as well as horror, mellow, thriller concept.

The movie is centered around two characters which are played by actor Yang Dong-geun and actress Seo Hyun-jin.

Meanwhile, Koo Hye Sun has held an art exhibition in last January with the theme of 'Purity, Horror, and Freedom' called 'dark YELLOW'.

'MYSTERY PINK' was produced to be released at an exhibition rather than at the movie theaters. 

Koo Hye Sun will release a video featuring the process of film production at the Seoul Arts Center in Seoul next January.

(Credit = YG Entertainment/SBS funE, 'OfficialHyeSun' Facebook)

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