Ji Chang-wook Spotted to Wear 'Platoon Leader' Armband

Sep 18, 2017

Ji Chang-wook Spotted to Wear 'Platoon Leader' Armband
One month after his military enlistment, photos of Ji Chang-wook have been shared through the online community.

On September 15, Ji Chang-wook was seen taking a selfie with his fellow soldiers. He is holding up the 'V sign' and smiling in the picture.
[SBS Star] Ji Chang-wook is a Platoon Leader in the ArmyOn the left side of his uniform, he is spotted to wear an armband, which wrote 'platoon leader'. It is assumed that he was chosen as the leader of the platoon that he is affiliated, who is in charge of leading fellow soldiers. 

Ji Chang-wook officially entered the army on August 14. He is expected to serve as an active-duty soldier after completing his five-week basic training in a boot camp in Cherwon county, Gangwon-do.

He is set to return to the civilian life in May 2019.

(Credit = Online Community)

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