Song Joong-ki's Fans Celebrate His Birthday with Donation

Sep 19, 2017

Song Joong-ki's Fans Celebrate His Birthday with Donation
[SBS Star] Song Joong-ki's Fans Celebrate Their Star's Birthday with DonationKorean actor Song Joong-ki's fans did a meaningful deed to celebrate the star's birthday.

On September 19, Song Joong-ki's official fan club 'Ki Aile' donated around 19.8 million won (17,558 dollars). 

According to Song Joong-ki's fan club members, "Since 2011, Song Joon-ki has been supporting child patients with leukemia and cancer. So we wanted to support him as well."

Song Joong-ki's fans added, "We hope our small devotion and support can give those children brighter and healthier future." 

The exact amount is 19,850,919 won, which stands for Song Joong-ki's birthday date and year―September 15, 1985.

Ki Aile's donation will be spent toward stem cell transplantation. 

Meanwhile, Song Joong-ki's fan club 'Ki Aile' has done its very first donation last year on his birthday. Then it also gave a donation when Song Joong-ki has won the best actor award at 2016 KBS Drama Awards.

It was reported that Ki Aile's donations have been spent toward three children who were undergoing medical treatments, and today's donation fee will be used toward two more children, who are receiving transplantation surgery.

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