Third Teaser Clip of 'While You Were Sleeping' is Released

Sep 20, 2017

Third Teaser Clip of 'While You Were Sleeping' is Released
[SBS Star] Third Teaser Clip of 'While You Were Sleeping' is ReleasedOnly a week left until SBS' new drama 'While You Were Sleeping' to go on air!

On September 20, SBS released its third teaser clip for 'While You Were Sleeping'.

The first teaser had an actor Lee Jong-suk and actress Bae Suzy kissing in the background of cherry blossom petals fluttering at night. 

The second teaser revealed the two stars' comical version of romance, bringing many fans' attention. 

The third teaser showed interesting incident, where before Lee Jong-suk didn't have any interest in Suzy's dream now has interest in her dream. Its caption, 'I had a bad dream' foreshadows there might be some accidents happening in the drama.

Then the narration played, 'There are some moments in life you don't want to experience', 'If we could change some choices, could we prevent it from happening?' raising the curiosity of how plots will build-up. 

Also a new character appears in the teaser. Korean actor Lee Sang-yeob appears as a former prosecutor and now a lawyer, who seems to have reunited with his student, Lee Jong-suk.

The third teaser has shown its plots more thoroughly compare to previous teasers. 

Meanwhile, 'While You Were Sleeping' is set to go on air on September 27 10 PM KST, following SBS drama 'Into the World Again'. 

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