BTS Opens Up about Its Popularity, "We don't know why people like us"

Sep 22, 2017

BTS Opens Up about Its Popularity, "We don't know why people like us"
[SBS Star] BTS Opens-up about its Popularity, 'We don't know why people like usAhead of its comeback stage, BTS has made an appearance in SBS Radio.

On September 21, BTS opened up about its comeback song 'DNA' at SBS POWER FM's 'Cultwo Show'.

BTS said, "We will make a comeback stage today with a track called 'DNA'. 'DNA' is about a love story which means your DNA and my DNA are the same." 

Boys revealed about the difficulty of choreography as well. They said, "Our new choreography is very difficult. It is one of the hardest we've ever done."

They added, "Most of the times we act in our music videos. But this time, our music video only has us dancing." 

They also talked about doing a collaboration with an American production duo named The Chainsmokers, on its mini-album's track 'Best of Me'. 
[SBS Star] BTS Opens-up about Its Popularity, 'We don't know why people like usThey said, "The Chainsmokers asked us first. They've seen us at the Billboard's award rehearsal and wanted to do a collaboration with us. Then on the next day, they sent us ten songs to choose from. It was very spontaneous. So we chose one song and put a melody and rap together." 

Lastly, BTS talked about their popularity worldwide. Boys said, "We don't know why people like us. We don't go on variety shows often and usually just perform on the concert. Maybe that's why they saw us differently." 

BTS will be holding a concert in Japan on October. It is their first time performing at a dome in Japan. Japan's domes usually can hold up to 35,000 people. 

(Credit = 'ibighit' YouTube, SBS funE, SBS Power FM Cultwo Show)

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