VIDEO: JYP and Sunmi to Reunite on SBS 'PARTY PEOPLE'

Sep 22, 2017

VIDEO: JYP and Sunmi to Reunite on SBS 'PARTY PEOPLE'

Recent K-pop sensation Sunmi has reportedly reunited with her former management CEO Park Jin-young(JYP).

On September 23, Sunmi is set to make an appearance in SBS music program 'PARTY PEOPLE' in which JYP is the host.

Last January, Sunmi left JYP Entertainment after her group Wonder Girls has disbanded. 

According to a source, Sunmi shared her thoughts about leaving JYP Entertainment in 'PARTY PEOPLE'. 
[SBS Star] JYP and Sunmi to Reunite on SBS 'PARTY PEOPLE'She said, "As it(Gashina) was my first song after moving to a different management agency, I wanted to maximize my strength. So I've talked to producers often and even made PowerPoint slides." 

Then JYP responded, "I was worried at first" and shared his thoughts on Sunmi's comeback stage for the first time. 

He continued, "I thought no other producers would know about Sunmi's talents more than I do since I've seen her for the longest time. But after seeing her participating in Wonder Girls' song producing process, I was able to let her go." 

JYP added, "But I still get nervous every time Sunmi goes on stage and perform." 
[SBS Star] VIDEO: JYP and Sunmi to Reunite on SBS 'PARTY PEOPLE'It was reported that JYP has complimented her new song 'Gashina' when he first heard it. He even called Sunmi and predicted, "I know for sure that this song will win the first place."

You can watch Sunmi reuniting with JYP on September 23 at 12:15 AM KST on SBS 'PARTY PEOPLE'. 


(SBS Star)