VIDEO: BTS Unveils 'DNA' Dance Practice Video

Sep 25, 2017

VIDEO: BTS Unveils 'DNA' Dance Practice Video
K-pop boy group BTS is finally back with their jaw-dropping dance moves once again!

On September 24, BTS unveiled 'DNA' dance practice video via its official YouTube channel.

Just like other dance practice videos from BTS, the released video went viral right after it was posted.

Previously, BTS members confessed that the choreography of 'DNA', made by Korean choreographer Son Sungdeuk―is the hardest one ever among its songs.

Despite the difficulty, BTS members slayed the dance moves in their white studio.

Currently, BTS is actively promoting its newest mini-album 'LOVE YOURSELF 承 Her' with the title track 'DNA'.

If you wish to cover BTS' 'DNA' dance performance, take a look!

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