IU's Reading Habit Comes from Her Parents' Parenting Style

Sep 29, 2017

IU's Reading Habit Comes from Her Parents' Parenting Style
Korean singer IU was spotted reading books numerous times in JTBC's 'Hyori's Home Stay'. 

Recently, IU made an appearance on 'Hyori's Home Stay' and showed her reading habit.

Whenever she has a break time, she would continuously read a book, even before falling asleep she would read a book and write diaries.
(9월30일/연휴용)[SBS Star] Secret Behind IU's Reading Habit Unveiled!Her book choices showed she has amassed a great deal of knowledge from the book, as she was seen reading classic literature like 'The Brothers Karamazov' by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and philosophical literature like 'Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche' by Siratori Haruhiko.
(9월30일/연휴용)[SBS Star] Secret Behind IU's Reading Habit Unveiled!IU's reading habit actually comes from her parents' special parenting style. She said, "My parents never spanked me before. Instead, they gave me thick books to read, which helped me to build today's reading habit." 
She also added, "I started to read diverse genres of books including Humanities, Literature, and Self-development. My favorite of all-time is Alain de Botton's book which I read it repeatedly." 

IU is known for her great enthusiasm in reading. Even at the drama set and commercial shooting set, she brings her books to read. 

Fans commented, "Perhaps the reason why IU's songs are lyrical and literary is because she likes to read books." 

(Credit = JTBC Hyori's Home Stay Image Captured, 'muzmon' Website) 

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