Kang Ha-neul's New Movie 'Recall the Night' to Hit the Screen in November

Sep 26, 2017

Kang Ha-neul's New Movie 'Recall the Night' to Hit the Screen in November
Korean actor Kang Ha-neul, who is dubbed as 'moving story maker', has generated another impressive story.

On September 26, release date of actor Kang's new movie 'Recall the Night' was confirmed to be this November, SBS funE reported. 

However, actor Kang is currently serving in the military, thus he won't be able to promote or attend his upcoming movie premiere. 

In August, while he was promoting for the movie 'Midnight Runners' with Park Seo-joon, Kang Ha-neul sincerely asked the reporters, "After joining the army, I won't be able to promote the movie 'Recall the Night'. I feel sorry for the production crews for not being able to promote the movie since I will be in the military. (To reporters) After the movie gets released, I hope it gets good ratings and reviews." 
[SBS Star] Kang Haneul's New Movie 'Recall the Night' Release Date is Confirmed!It is impressive how a leading actor is thinking ahead about promoting, and trying to be responsible for the movie he shoot for, which is set to come out in three months. 

Along with the movie's release date, the poster was unveiled as well. On the poster, actor Kang seemed like he was trembling with fear, and portrayed as a character who looked confused about his continuous dream and reality. 

It was reported that the mystery thriller, 'Recall the Night' is about a man who loses his memory after getting kidnapped for 19 days and reunites with his younger brother. His younger brother will try to find the hidden truth.

Actor Kim Moo Yul and Kang Ha-neul will co-star in the movie and will show their change in acting style. 

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