Han Ga In Made Her Husband Yun Jung Hoon to Become a 'Thief'?

Oct 2, 2017

Han Ga In Made Her Husband Yun Jung Hoon to Become a 'Thief'?
Recently, Korean actress Han Ga In's high school picture has gone viral as her husband Youn Jung Hoon made an appearance in SBS variety program 'Mom's Diary-My Ugly Duckling'.

A source revealed actress Han Ga In's interview clip when she was in high school doing an interview regarding 'Standardization of High Schools'.

Her college scholastic ability test score was an outstanding grade of 380, which she had no problem getting admitted to Kyung Hee University School of Tourism Management. 

She also participated in a famous high school's quiz program 'The Golden Bell Challenge' and showed her smartness.

It was reported that actor Youn Jung Hoon got a nickname of 'thief' after getting married to Han Ga In, because he took away Han Ga In from many boy fans. 

Meanwhile, when actor Yun made an appearance in 'Mom's Diary- My Ugly Duckling', he revealed his curfew has changed to 6 PM from 12 AM for his daughter who is only fifteen-months old. 

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