VIDEO: Sneak Peek into 'While You Were Sleeping'!

Sep 27, 2017

VIDEO: Sneak Peek into 'While You Were Sleeping'!

Last week, SBS 'Han Bam' did an interview with co-stars Lee Jong-suk and Bae Suzy in upcoming SBS drama 'While You Were Sleeping'. 

On September 26, Lee Jong-suk and Suzy gave a sneak peek into the drama 'While You Were Sleeping' which is set to go on air tonight.

When an interviewer asked co-stars to explain about the drama, Lee Jong-suk baffled and passed his microphone to Suzy, so she can summarize its plot.

Suzy explained, "The story is about a woman who can foresight unfortunate events to happen to other people, and a man(prosecutor) who tries to stop her dream to happen in real life." 

Then Lee Jong-suk talked about his character. He said, "After meeting Suzy, I slowly become a righteous prosecutor."

Lee Jong-suk will not only show his serious side, but also show his whimsical charms. 

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