BTS Jungkook Gets Offers from 7 Entertainment Agencies in the Past!

Sep 27, 2017

BTS Jungkook Gets Offers from 7 Entertainment Agencies in the Past!
World-famous K-pop boy group BTS Jungkook's debut story has brought many fans' attention.

On September 23, at an online community, there was a post called 'Jungkook from Superstar K has received name cards from 7 agencies'. 

In the post, there were images captured from M.Net's 'COMEBACK SHOW -BTS DNA'. 

According to Jungkook, he has received seven management agencies' name cards, which include JYP Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, CUBE Entertainment, STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT, BigHit Entertainment, woollim Entertainment, and TS Entertainment. 
In 2011, Jungkook participated in M.Net's 'Superstar K Season 3' audition, and sang IU's 'Mia', but he failed his audition and his video was completely edited out.
[SBS Star] BTS Jung-kook Gets Offers from 7 Management Agencies!After Jungkook came out in the auditioning program, big management agencies gave him their name cards. But the agency he chose was BigHit Entertainment, which was one of the smallest management agencies at the time. 

The artist revealed his reason behind choosing BigHit Entertainment. He confessed, "Rap Monster looked really cool."

Recently, BTS members made an appearance in one of the variety programs and said, "Jungkook has received many name cards, and most of them are from companies that are bigger than ours." 

They continued, "Jungkook coming to our company was the divine move." 

BTS recently released its mini album 'LOVE YOURSELF 承 Her', and has been gaining explosive popularity worldwide. 

(Credit = 'bangtan.official' Facebook, M.Net 'BTS DNA', 'New Yang Nam Show' Screen Captured)  

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