Park Bo Gum Spotted Drinking Juice Together with a Girl Fan

Oct 2, 2017

Park Bo Gum Spotted Drinking Juice Together with a Girl Fan

Photos of Korean actor Park Bo Gum drinking grapefruit juice with his fan is drawing many girls' attention. 

Recently, numerous fans attended and gathered for Park Bo Gum's '2016-2017 Asia Tour Fan Meeting'. 

During the second-half of the fan meeting, there was a drawing event and one lucky fan was selected randomly to meet with actor Park on the stage. 

When actor Park met his 'lucky fan', he fed her a piece of cake and even removed cream on her lips showing his gentle manner. 

Then he gave a bottle of grapefruit juice and opened the bottle for her asked, "Do you want to do a love-shot?"

In Korea, 'love-shot' is a way of drinking in which a couple links their arms and drink at the same time. [SBS Star] Park Bo Gum Spotted Drinking Grapefruit Juice Together with a Girl FanPark's unpredictable action has brought many fans to envy the 'lucky fan'.

The fan meeting was hosted by Korean entertainer Park Sul Gi and around 4,000 fans have attended the event. 

Meanwhile, actor Park has met with 30,000 fans since last December, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to 8 countries in Asia including Seoul, Korea. 

(Credit = 'bogum_bowie' Instagram)

(SBS Star)