The Real Legend of 'Mukbang', Actor Ha Jung Woo!

Oct 2, 2017

The Real Legend of 'Mukbang', Actor Ha Jung Woo!
When it comes to 'mukbang' or eating show, actor Ha Jung Woo would be the first actor that probably comes to everyone's mind.

Recently, Ha Jung Woo's fried chicken commercial in which he was doing a 'mukbang' has been grabbing many people's attention.

Actor Ha's known for his delicious eating scenes in many movies and dramas. People say actor Ha has made a new genre of movie―'mukbang'.

In the movie, 'Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time', he was eating a bread filled with cream scrumptiously. In the movie, he also visits a Chinese restaurant and ate sweet and sour pork and assorted seafood and vegetables with mustard sauce which was chosen as one of the best 'mukbang' scenes he has ever done.[SBS Star] The Real Legendary of 'Mukbang', Actor Ha Jung-woo!Also in the movie 'The Yellow Sea', he eats dumpling soup and puts a big piece of seaweed into his mouth.

His 'mukbang' scene from 'The Berlin File' is popular among Korean fans as well. Even the movie director Ryoo Seung-wan revealed, "While I was editing the movie clips, actor Ha's 'mukbang' scene came out. He was eating a baguette bread with a jam on it and was eating so well that he made me want to eat the bread as well."[SBS Star] The Real Legendary of 'Mukbang', Actor Ha Jung-woo! He continued, "But since his character had to be portrayed as a person who has to eat food lonely, I edited out."
Last year, in the movie 'The Tunnel', Ha Jung Woo has shown his passion toward 'mukbang' by eating dog's food as well.

According to his recent interview, he said, "A few days ago, I finally figured out the difference between my 'mukbang' and others."

He continued, "Usually when stars hear 'Okay, cut' sign, they spit it out the food they were eating. But unlike them, I really eat."

He also added, "So I request the staff to make sure the food is hot." and showed his extraordinary 'mukbang' pride.

How far actor Ha can go with his 'mukbang' scenes is drawing many people's attention.

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