Actress Gong Seungyeon to TWICE Jeongyeon, "Are we strangers?"

Oct 2, 2017

Actress Gong Seungyeon to TWICE Jeongyeon, "Are we strangers?"
Did you know that Korean actress Gong Seungyeon and K-pop girl group TWICE's Jeongyeon are siblings?

Recently, Gong Seungyeon posted a picture of TWICE's album CD on her Instagram.

In the picture, there was TWICE Jeongyeon's letter to her sister along with her signature. 
(10월7일-1)[SBS Star] Actress Gong Seung-yeon to TWICE Jungyeon, 'Are we strangers?Jeongyeon wrote, "To. Seungyeon sister. Hello, this is TWICE! I love your drama 'Circle'. I hope it hits the jackpot! Always stay healthy and love you." 

Then actress Gong Seungyeon wrote on her post saying, "Are we strangers?" 

Later TWICE's Jeongyeon apologized to her sister, "I'm sorry. Now I think about it that was too much. But I put thanks to sister. Love you." 

When netizens saw the post, they commented, "This is how sisters talk", "Common sibling business". 

Meanwhile, actress Gong Seungyeon is expected to star in the upcoming drama 'Are You Human Too?', which will be on air next year.

(Credit = '0seungyeon' Instagram)
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