Former Wonder Girls' HA:TFELT to Comeback with 'MEiNE' Next Month

Sep 29, 2017

Former Wonder Girls' HA:TFELT to Comeback with 'MEiNE' Next Month
Former K-pop girl group Wonder Girls' Ye-Eun, who is also known as HA:TFELT, is coming back as a solo artist on October 12! 

On September 29, Amoeba Culture Entertainment confirmed HA:TFELT is coming back with her solo album 'MEiNE', which means mine in German.

According to its announcement, it is HA:TFELT's official solo album after moving to a new management agency. 
[SBS Star] Former Wonder Girls' HA:TFELT to Come Back with 'MEiNE' Next MonthIn unveiled HA:TFELT's poster, there was a young girl with red hair who put her hand on one side of her face to hide her eye. The young girl on the poster is reportedly HA:TFELT's niece representing her childhood time.

HA:TFELT's album contains songs that describe her childhood when she was 6 years-old and 12 years-old, which her nickname was 'red hair Yenn'. 

Earlier, HA:TFELT attended 'WORLD CLUB DOME KOREA 2017' as a muse and performed at its opening and finale stage with Germany's famous DJ and producer named Le Shuuk bringing many people's attention.

Meanwhile, HA:TFELT is currently focusing on her final preparation for her comeback album. It is HA:TFELT's comeback in four years since her first solo album 'Me?' in 2013.

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