Suzy to Spend Her Birthday with Her Fans #HappySUZYday

Oct 10, 2017

Suzy to Spend Her Birthday with Her Fans #HappySUZYday
Did you know that today is K-pop girl artist and actress Bae Suzy's birthday?

On October 10, Suzy posted a picture on her social media which said 'Happy Birthday SUZY #HappySUZYday'. 

Suzy will spend her birthday with her beloved fans this year by holding a fan meeting called 'Suzy's attic #2 HAPPY B-DAY, SUZY'.
This is the second year that Suzy is spending her birthday with her fans.

A source revealed that Suzy has prepared various events for her fans such as performing to her first mini album 'Yes? No?' tracks and playing mini-games with her fans. 

Some parts of Suzy's fan meeting will be aired live today at 8 PM KST via Naver V App. 

(Credit = 'skuukzky' Instagram)    

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