PRISTIN's Kyla to Halt Promotions Due to Health Issues

Oct 12, 2017

PRISTIN's Kyla to Halt Promotions Due to Health Issues
K-pop rookie girl group PRISTIN's member Kyla will be taking a break from her promotions and stay in the U.S.

On October 12, PRISTIN's management agency PLEDIS Entertainment posted an official statement on PRISTIN's fan community.

The agency stated that Kyla will take some rest at her home in the United States, not participating her promotions as the PRISTIN member.

PLEDIS' official statement is as follows:

"We are deeply regretful to deliver unfortunate news to the fans who love PRISTIN.

During the Chuseok holiday week, Kyla went back to her home in the United States to take some rest and receive a medical check up.

After the check up, Kyla was advised to take a break due to her health issues.

Kyla and our agency wanted to continue her promotions while receiving treatments in Korea, but the doctor informed that it would be difficult for her to do so and advised her to put recovery as her priority.

Therefore, we have decided to let Kyla to focus on her recovery while taking some break at her home in the U.S.

We apologize to all the fans who love and support PRISTIN and Kyla, for bringing this unexpected news all of the sudden.

However, we made the decision as Kyla's health is our utmost priority.

Kyla will continue her promotions as PRISTIN soon after she is fully recovered. We ask for the fans' understanding."
PRISTIN's Kyla to Halt Promotions Due to Health IssuesGet well soon, Kyla!

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