Thrifty SNSD Taeyeon Buys a House for Her Parents!

Oct 17, 2017

Thrifty SNSD Taeyeon Buys a House for Her Parents!
K-pop girl group Girls' Generation Taeyeon reportedly spent 900 million won (795,053 dollars) just for her parents!

On October 17, tvN's 'The List' reported Taeyeon to be listed as No.7 on thrifty stars' list.

It was reported that Taeyeon had saved money since she made a debut as a singer. 

With her savings, she bought a house, which has a market value of 900 million won (795,053 dollars), just for her parents in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do. She also opened a credit card for her parents to use. 
[SBS Star] Thrifty SNSD Taeyeon, Buys a House for Parents!Taeyeon is known to be an idol who is good at saving money. In the past, she made an appearance on a variety show and revealed, "I've collected money that fell out of members' clothes while they were changing their clothes." 

Then Girls' Generation's Sooyoung added, "I've never seen Taeyeon buying anything. I received a candle from her recently and thought she made it." 

Meanwhile, Girls' Generation released its official 6th album last August in commemorating its 10th year debut. 

(Credit = tvN 'The List', 'taeyeon_ss' Instagram)

(SBS Star)