"Nobody Recognizes Her!" AOA's Seolhyun on a Public Transportation?

Oct 19, 2017

"Nobody Recognizes Her!" AOA's Seolhyun on a Public Transportation?
K-pop girl group AOA's Seolhyun had a surprise live broadcast while riding a public transportation!

On October 17, Seolhyun held a live stream to talk with her fans via her Instagram account.
'Nobody Recognizes Her!The live stream took place inside a public bus during the night, while Seolhyun stayed mostly silent as some citizens may recognize her.
'Nobody Recognizes Her!She even flipped the camera to prove that she is riding a public bus, showing streets outside the window and other passengers sitting in front of her.

Fans who tuned in her live stream commented, "Can't believe that nobody recognizes her!" "I wish I was on the bus with Seolhyun" "Everyone, there's an idol inside the public transportation".
'Nobody Recognizes Her!Previously, Seolhyun shared a photo of herself at a bus station and revealed that she sometimes ride public transportation even after she debuted.

Beware, Seolhyun may be sitting right behind you!

(Credit= 'sh_9513' Instagram)

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