Lee Kwang-soo x HAHA Shows 'Hormone Degradation' Dance

Oct 23, 2017

Lee Kwang-soo x HAHA Shows 'Hormone Degradation' Dance
Korean actor Lee Kwang-soo and singer HAHA showed their amazing dance moves. 

On October 22, Kwang-soo and HAHA made an appearance on SBS 'Running Man' and practiced their new partner swing dance moves together.

As dance instructor showed their powerful dance moves, Kwang-soo and HAHA also proved their dancing skills. 

In order to imitate their dance moves perfectly, Kwang-soo put a flower on his head to represent that he will do the girl's part. 

But as instructors' dance moves involve a guy putting the girl dancer up in the air and kicking in between girl's legs, HAHA purposely put Kwang-soo in the air and kicked powerfully in between his legs aiming at his 'private part'. Thus Kwang-soo fell down on the ground right after.   

Kwang-soo and HAHA's dance starts from 01:26.

(Credit= SBS Running Man)

(SBS Star)