"I almost gave up" TWICE Members Shared Their Struggles Before Debut

Oct 25, 2017

"I almost gave up" TWICE Members Shared Their Struggles Before Debut
K-pop girl group TWICE members opened up about their behind stories before debut.

On October 24 aired episode of JTBC's 'Around the World Travel Package', TWICE members went on a trip to Da Nang, Vietnam.

While TWICE's Jihyo, Chaeyoung and Jeongyeon was riding a cable car, they started to reminisce their trainee days.
'I almost gave upJihyo said, "I didn't have time to travel with my family, because I was a trainee for a long time."

Jihyo spent her entire adolescent years as a trainee―for nearly ten years.

She added, "It is pretty sad that I don't have many memories in school. When school ended, I went straight to the agency to practice. I was jealous of others when they seem to enjoy hanging out with friends."
'I almost gave upWhen she was asked if she ever wanted to give up, Jihyo answered, "I almost did right before TWICE's debut. I was about to give up when the debut for the team right before TWICE got canceled."
'I almost gave upJeongyeon, who also trained for 7 years added, "I've also thought about quitting my life as a trainee, as my family members also went through a hard time with me."

Meanwhile, TWICE is scheduled to make its comeback with 'Twicetagram' on October 31.

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