Lee Seung Gi Still in the Military? D-6!

Oct 25, 2017

Lee Seung Gi Still in the Military? D-6!
Korean actor and singer Lee Seung Gi will be discharged from the military next week.

On October 25, Hook Entertainment announced, "Lee Seung Gi will be discharged from the military on October 31 at 9 AM KST. He will talk briefly with his fans who come in front of the gates, but we don't have an official event planned. The time might change depending on the military circumstances." 

In various online communities, Lee Seung Gi's outstanding military life was shared. But every time his fans heard about his news, they showed unusual reactions. They often said, "Why is he still in the military? When will he be discharged from the military? It feels like he's in the military longer than other people."

Perhaps, it is due to his popularity, even the recent online poll proved that the public misses him. According to the poll, which the voters' ages were 20 through 50, and 2,400 men and women, 42.9% voted Lee Seung Gi as an actor who they want to meet as soon as he is discharged from the army. 

Lee Seung Gi enlisted in the military in February 2016 and has been serving in the Army Special Operation Command. Earlier, he was nominated as a 'role model squad commander', as he showed outstanding military life. 

Recently, a source revealed that he has received an offer from tvN's new drama 'Hwayugi' which is expected to go on air in December. 

It is raising many fans' anticipation in what kind of projects he will participate after he is discharged from the military.

Stay tuned for more updates! 

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