Stars Reveal Actor Hyun Bin's Hidden Side!

Oct 26, 2017

Stars Reveal Actor Hyun Bin's Hidden Side!

Korean actor Hyun Bin's hidden sides were unveiled! 

On October 24, SBS 'HanBam' interviewed stars who are starring in the new movie 'The Swindlers'. Stars include Hyun Bin, Yoo Ji Tae, Park Sung Woong, Nana, and An Se-Ha. 

During the interview, a reporter from 'HanBam' asked stars, "Who is an actor that is different from the first sight?"
[SBS Star] Stars Reveal Hyun Bin's Hidden Side!Without hesitation, actor Park Sung Woong responded, "Hyun Bin." 

Park Sung Woong continued, "At first, I didn't know Hyun Bin can drink that well. He doesn't get drunk at all, until senior actors get drunk."  

Then actor Yoo Ji Tae agreed, "He (Hyun Bin) is the last person to get drunk when we drink together." 

Their new movie 'The Swindlers' will be available in theaters in November. 

(Credit = SBS HanBam, 'VAST.ent' Facebook) 

(SBS Star)