TV Producer Na Misses Lee Seung Gi, "But it's up to the celebrity"

Oct 26, 2017

TV Producer Na Misses Lee Seung Gi, "But it's up to the celebrity"
Do you miss Lee Seung Gi on the TV program 'New Journey to the West'? 

On October 25, Korea's television producer and director Na Young-seok received a request from an audience at a forum that he wants to see Lee Seung Gi back on his popular show 'New Journey to the West'.

Producer Na said, "Many people have told me that already. People think I have the ability to do that on my own." 

He continued, "Of course we would love to have him back, but it's up to the celebrity." 
[SBS Star] Na PD Misses Lee Seung Gi, 'But it's up to the celebrityThen he said, "I wonder if Lee Seung Gi wants to join us again. This is not up to my decision. But if he tells me that he wants to, then I will do it right away." 

Na added, "But I know that Lee Seung Gi received many offers for dramas and movies. So making a comeback on the variety show will probably take some time." 

Earlier, many sources reported that there is high chance that Lee Seung Gi will make a comeback on TV screens with tvN's new drama 'Hwayugi', which is scheduled to be aired in December 2017. 

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi will be discharged from the military at the end of this month, and will exchange brief greetings with his fans at the gate. 

(Credit = KCTA/SBS, SBS funE)    

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