How will RAIN ♥ Kim Tae-hee's Pretty Princess Look Like?

Oct 26, 2017

How will RAIN ♥ Kim Tae-hee's Pretty Princess Look Like?
Yesterday, the world star RAIN and actress Kim Tae-hee couple welcomed their newborn baby daughter.

On October 25, RAIN shared a picture of baby socks on his Instagram and wrote, "Thank you. We have a pretty princess. We'll raise our child who is considerate of others." 

As the child was born in a beautiful family in which her mother is Kim Tae-hee, who is known to be the nation's prettiest star―netizens are curious about their daughter's face.
[SBS Star] RAIN & Kim Tae-hee's Pretty Princess' Morphed PhotoIn the past, netizens used an online morphing application website called '' and predicted how their baby will look like. 

There were photos of their potential son and daughter. In the released baby pictures, a son and daughter both had similar facial features as their mother, Kim Tae-hee, with big eyes and high nose. They were also seen with RAIN's upward smile. 

RAIN and Kim Tae-hee admitted their romantic relationship in 2013 and had their wedding in last January.

Nine months after their marriage, the couple welcomed their baby daughter.

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