VIDEO: Jealous Suzy Shows Off Her S-line Body!

Oct 27, 2017

VIDEO: Jealous Suzy Shows Off Her S-line Body!
How would you react if your boyfriend hugged another girl in front of you, thinking that she was you? 

Korean actress Suzy showed unpredictable charm last night in 'While You Were Sleeping'. 

On October 26 aired an episode of 'While You Were Sleeping', actress Bae Suzy showed off her seductive 'S-line' body with her sexy dance like movements.  

Suzy got jealous when she saw Lee Jong-suk hugging another girl, thinking that she was Suzy. As Jong-suk was hospitalized at the time, he had trouble recognizing Suzy.

Then wise Suzy explains and apologizes to the girl about Jong-suk's awkward behavior, and tells the girl to let go of her arms from Jong-suk's body.

With perfect S-line body, Suzy picks up the girl's scarf which was dropped on the floor. 

Check out Suzy's cute dance above! 

(Credit = SBS While You Were Sleeping) 

(SBS Star)