Kang Daniel's 'Running Man' Debut was a Success!

Oct 30, 2017

Kang Daniel's 'Running Man' Debut was a Success!
Did you watch the last episode of SBS 'Running Man'?

On October 29 aired episode of 'Running Man', K-pop boy group Wanna One's Kang Daniel made an appearance as one of the guests and showed off his various charms.

As soon as Kang Daniel joined the crew, the entire cast members of the show expressed their extreme excitement and greeted him.

Kang Daniel has previously been mentioned on 'Running Man' multiple times, as Song Ji-hyo expressed her wish to shoot an episode with him one day.

When MC Yu Jae Seok asked about his sleeping hours, Kang Daniel said, "Since I'm busy with various schedules these days, I only sleep two or three hours a day."

Then other cast members asked him to show his dance moves, as he is known for his sexy 'thigh slide' dance.

Kang Daniel immediately showed his 'Open Up' dance and his 'thigh slide' dance moves upon the casts' request.

Multiple casts tried to mimic Kang Daniel's dance but instead hilariously failed to do so, bringing entire crew to burst into laughter.

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