"Thank You" Lee Seung Gi Returns from the Military

Oct 31, 2017

"Thank You" Lee Seung Gi Returns from the Military
Korean actor, singer and TV entertainer Lee Seung Gi is finally discharged from the military.

On October 31, Lee Seung Gi had a short meeting near the 13th Special Forces Airborne Brigade Gate, located at Jeungpyeong, Chungcheongbuk-do.?[SBS Star] Lee Seung Gi Discharged from Military, 'Thank YouLee Seung Gi made greetings to his fans, "Thank you so much for coming here to see me in cold weather."

When a reporter asked, "What kind of efforts are you making these days to make a quick comeback to the entertainment industry?" 

Lee Seung Gi answered, "I love the military. But I think I should forget about military discipline when I'm in the entertainment industry." 

Then another reporter asked him,"What do you want to do after you are discharged from the military?" 

He answered, "When I was in the military, I had a long list of things I wanted to do. But now that I'm discharged, I don't know what I want to do." 

Lee Seung Gi also mentioned about his rumor, "I heard rumors about me, such as I'll not be discharged from the military, but that means fans waited for me. So I will try my best to meet my fans' expectation. I will do my best and make a quick comeback to the screens." 
[SBS Star] Military Discharge Lee Seung Gi Lost Baby Fats 'Thank YouCompare with last year, Lee Seung Gi showed more composure and maturity. He lost all of his baby fats as well. On his uniform, his name and 'Special Forces' were emblazoned across his chest.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi is expected to make a comeback with tvN's TV series 'Hwayugi' and the movie 'Marital Harmony', which will be available in theaters next year.

(Credit= SBS funE, Yonhap News Agency) 
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